PJ TRADE CENTRE Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Photo/Video Shooting Inquiry

Kindly please do fill up the Inquiry Form below and submit back to us in order for the management to process your application. Thank you.

Photo shoot Video shoot

I hereby had read the guidelines and agrees to pay the location fee imposed upon the approval of this application and indemnify the management of PJ Trade Centre and/or it’s appointed agents against all claims, damages, loss and expenses suffered by me or my company as a result and arising from this photo/video shoot event.

Yes, I Agree.

Photoshoots guidelines

  1. Photo Shoot: A location fee of RM300 shall be imposed and a cheque deposit of RM500 is required)
  2. Video Shoot: A location fee of RM3500 shall be imposed and a cheque deposit of RM5000 is required)
  3. All loading/unloading activities to be performed at the loading bay next to Menara Mustapha Kamal. No other locations are permitted.
  4. All personnel related to the filming are to be registered with our guard located at Level L, Menara Bata before they can be allowed to operate. Do not enter into the main glass lobbies of other blocks such as Menara Hasil, Menara Gamuda and Menara Mustapha Kamal.
  5. No entry to the individual building is allowed unless authorisation has been provided by the respective blocks. Please also be mindful of the movement of your staff during the time of shooting.
  6. No indiscriminate parking by any of your filming crew is tolerated at the road side, with the exception of the generator truck.
  7. Put up necessary notices to warn people of any cabling works which could be potential safety hazards. You are required to be responsible for all possible safety issues related to your activities from the moment you arrive at PJ Trade Centre to the moment you evacuate from site.
  8. Ensure the costume change is performed at the toilets and no other locations to prevent any untoward incidents.
  9. No tapping of electricity from the common area is allowed.
  10. Ensure cleanliness of the common area and no common property is damaged.
  11. Please check and control the actions of your personnel on site at all times and no unnecessary noise is to be generated during the filming.
  12. A cash payment of RM300 to RM3,500 and cheque deposit of RM500 to RM5,000 (refundable) due to the number of personnel involved in the shooting.
  13. The management reserves the right to rescind this approval should there be any strong complaints on the behaviour or actions of your personnel on site.
  14. You are to indemnify the management against all claims, damages, loss and expenses suffered as a result of any claims arising from this filming.
  15. In the event any licences are required for the filming, you are responsible to get the approval for the licences or permits and a copy of the licence needs to be provided to us.
  16. The schedule allowable for shooting are :-
    i) Saturday - After 2pm
    ii) Sunday or Public Holiday -Full day